Ten Stress Relief Toys For Office Workers That Are Effective

Stress is not a simple thing, as we all know most of the people are dealing with stress or stress related issues. It can affect people adversely and can be tragic if not addressed properly. It can occur continuously due to work pressure, financial crisis, relationship problems etc and a lot more. According to a study, nearly 77% of people have symptoms related to stress and they experience physical symptoms such as , fatigue , panic attacks, anxiety, pressure etc. Here comes the importance of stress relief toys.

Due to the help they are doing to make people stress free, they are gaining popularity each day. If you have any symptoms like mood swings, low self confidence, sleeplessness, nervousness, anger management issues, tension, pressure etc do consider buying stress relief toys since these all are symptoms related to stress and anxiety. These toys help you to spread positivity and happiness inside you by shutting down negative thoughts. Your presence of mind increases as you play with stress relief toys. Here, we are putting forward our company, Joy Toys, the company that produces the best stress relief toys in UAE. Our toys can induce mental focus and you won’t get disturbed by negative and unwanted thoughts. You might also get surprised to see the difference it can make in you, by making you tension free and happy. Your thoughts and mind will get clear leading to a better happier life. For that, buy the eco friendly toys from the best toy store in UAE, Joy Toys. We are also among the top online toys shop in UAE, because we are doing online sale too.

Here, we are introducing some of our famous stress reliever toys. The first one is the stress relief ball which is the most common stress reliever toy. It can be carried anywhere and can be used whenever you feel anxious or worried. Here, you can choose your favourite colour which can have an added benefit in reducing stress. Just squeeze it during your stressful hours and see the magic. Our Buddha board is the second toy and it is a magnificent one which helps you to get rid of all your worries in a short span of time. Write down all the problems in your mind, the most disturbing ones, or the ones that you have never talked about and see how it disappears after you indulge with our stress reliever toy. The third one is colouring book for adults and it is a good choice to get a happy mind and life. Yeah, you heard it right, colouring books are not meant for children only, even adults can use it and get a happier mind. Choosing colours to draw and enjoying its beauty will help them to get relief from negativity. Our fourth and fifth best selling relief toys are scalp massager and foot massager and these are indeed the best examples of massaging equipments. Use them and have that wonderful feeling of relief, which can never be expressed by words alone. Both these toys can help you to think clearly with mind full of positive thoughts. Use our sixth best selling toy, spaghetti balls to brighten up your mood. They can be stretched or twisted as you wish and you can see how your stress level drop down as you make each twist with our toy. And, saying about the colours of this toy, it is available in all those wonderful colours that can create a happy smile within you. Connect with Joy Toys, the producer of best stress relief toys in UAE. Our online toys shop is always there to give you the best toys right at your door step.

What if you feel like visiting the beach while at work. No worries.!! Our seventh best selling item, Zen garden sandbox is there to give that beach vibe that you are carving for. Playing with the aqua sand and gazing at all those sea creatures will surely make you feel that you are sitting at the beach side. Our eighth toy, the spiky slap bracelets can be worn on the wrist and can be pressed to get an instant relief. Made with high quality silicon, it can deal with all your anxiety issues. Like this bracelet, we have a ring too that can calm you!!Yeah, our ninth stress reliever toy, fidget sensory ring helps you to calm down and even get rid of your unhealthy habits. It helps you to quit your bad habits and be a better individual with presence of mind. Our tenth best selling stress reliever toy, the fidget spinner is becoming popular nowadays and can top the list soon. In addition to stress relief, they are used by people with anxiety disorders and other ailments. In addition to this, we also have tangle relax therapy, punching ball, fippy chain and a lot more to get rid of all your worries and be a happier person. Call us, Joy Toys the seller of best stress relief toys in UAE to know more about our toys. Make use of our online toys shop and you will get to know why we are addressed as the best toy store in UAE.

The Best Toys for Kids Who Love to Cook

Cooking is one of the activities which children love to imitate. Seeing their parents using different types of utensils and other equipments kids are often tempted to try their hand at cooking. However you cannot involve them in cooking since it can be dangerous for kids. Kids are often careless and impatient. They will not know the difference between various type of food items, utensils and appliances. The best way to engage kids who are enthusiastic in cooking would be to buy them kitchen set toys.

Toys like kitchen sets helps in the development of children. They will get creative and introduce their own stories and ideas for pretend play with these toys. While selecting kitchen sets for your kids you have to be careful to select the most appropriate one. There are numerous varieties of kitchen sets made using different materials available in the market. When purchasing you have to buy those that are made of non-toxic material. Since children have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies the material of the toys has to be of high quality. Before buying any toy you have to check the label. The label usually mentions things like certifications, whether they are non-toxic, whether environmental friendly etc. Toys that are made of sustainable materials should be purchased. Substances like phthalates, lead, and bisphenol A (BPA) are harmful and hence toys which contain such materials should not be purchased. Joy Toy, the best toy store in UAE has good standard kitchen set toys UAE.

The products of Joy Toy, online toys shop are from trusted and popular brands. They are made of materials which are safe for children. The products are also eco-friendly. Joy Toy kitchen set toys UAE are in high demand. Comprising of different accessories like utensils, cabinets, stove and so on they are sure to make any child who love cooking happy. The accessories are made of environmentally friendly items and are safe for children. They are also light weight and are easy to carry around. Packed with perfection they are sure to win the heart of any child. They are easy to play with and not complicated or difficult for children to understand.

Toys will encourage kids to be more active and improve their social skills. Joy Toy kitchen set toys UAE is sure to instil your kids with positivity and contentment. Skills developed at a young age will support children throughout their lifetime Joy Toy, online toys shop offers toys for developing the numerous skills of children. Keeping in mind the best interests of children we add to our collection more and more toys constantly. Each of our toys has been quality checked. Another major distinguishing factor of Joy Toy is the price. Our toys are priced at reasonable rate. We provide the toys at the best rates in the market.

Shop with Joy Toy, online toys shop and buy the finest kitchen set toys UAE. We are undoubtedly the best toy store in UAE.

Know More About Eco-Friendly Toys For Your Children

Toys are essential for children. They not only keep children busy but also aids in the overall development of children. Toys help in developing various skills in children like problem solving skills, cognitive skills, creativity skills etc. There are varied types of toys available in the market made with numerous materials.

Children use toys frequently and they use it very closely. Also when they get new toys they tend to easily discard the old ones. Therefore it is always important to choose toys that are both non-toxic to children as well as eco-friendly. Joy Toy the best toy store in UAE provides an extensive collection of toys that are environmentally safe and non-toxic. Quality products blended with excellent service have made us the number one toys shop UAE.

There are certain things which you have to keep in mind while buying toys for children. A few of them are given below.


The labels usually contain all the details about the toys. Hence before purchasing toys check whether the label specifies things like non-toxic, eco-friendly and so on.

Buy toys according to age

You cannot give a remote controlled toy or a toy scooter to a baby. Remote controlled toys and toy scooters are more suitable for children of the age between 5 and 12. Therefore when you purchase toys take into consideration the age of children and buy accordingly. Toys which are not suitable for the right age are useless and get piled up unnecessarily.


It is always advisable to buy toys which are made of eco-friendly materials. Sustainable material ensures the safety of the environment which in turn provides safety to all of us. Toys that contain phthalates, lead, and bisphenol A (BPA) should be avoided.

Loud Toys

Toys that are too loud not only cause noise pollution but also harm children. It is recommended not to buy such toys.

Quality products from good brands

Purchase toys from good toy shops selling products of established brands. You can expect quality products from well established brands. Such brands will manufacture products that are safe for children and environment. Unbranded toys may be manufactured after compromising various quality aspects. Reputed brands are transparent about the manufacturing process and the raw materials used. Joy Toy, the best toy store in UAE sells toys only from trusted brands.


Look for the certifications mentioned in the toys. Products which have specified certification will be absolutely safe.

Proper Research

Before you set out buy toys for kids do proper research about the various toys and the brands available in the market. There are numerous toys which are recalled for being harmful. So it is vital to be aware of it. Everyone would prefer to give the best to the children. So take out some time from your busy schedule and choose the best sustainable option for your children.

Advantages of Eco-friendly toys

• Durable – Eco friendly toys are made of high quality material therefore they will be long lasting.
• Robust – Eco friendly toys will be strong and sturdy. They will not break or get damaged easily.
• Safety – They will be made with resources which are non-toxic (like non-toxic paint) which in turn is safe for both children and the environment. Such toys will not cause any allergies to children.
• Recyclable and biodegradable – Since children outgrow toys after a period of time, toys tend to get piled up. Eco-friendly products are manufactured from natural or sustainably sourced materials which can be effectively recycled.
• Manufactured in a sustainable manner – Eco-friendly toy are manufactured in sustainable manner without releasing any harmful greenhouse gases.

All toys of Joy Toy are quality checked and safe to use. We guarantee complete satisfaction and happiness. Head to our store or go through our website to purchase excellent toys for children.

Developing Mathematical Awareness In Your Kids Using Toys

Attention spans of kids are low. They tend to get distracted every now and then. What they find interesting now will not be attractive to them the next minute. Hence teaching children by following textbooks and continuous discourse can never capture the attention of your kids. When it comes to imparting knowledge to kids below the age of five it is even more challenging. Providing them with texts, asking them to sit and learn, showing them videos etc are not just enough or beneficial to children. Today children tend to spend a lot of time on different screens, like TV screen, computer and mobile phone screens. These will not only affect your child’s health but also affect their intellectual development. Fun learning is the solution to tackle this. Kids tend to focus attention on what they find amusing. So providing them with things which are useful to them helps them in their intellectual development. There are a number of things which can be done to make teaching attractive and fun. Educational toys are among them. Joy Toy has been delivering learning and education toys in UAE for a very long time. We have a wide range of educational toys in UAE. Toys are part of a child’s life. So giving educational toys will not only give them with something to play with but also something to learn through it. Studies have shown that introducing educational toys at early childhood make children smarter and intelligent.

Early childhood is a phase in which children develop their thinking and learning skills. Introducing them to different learning activities can aid in their brain development. Researches point out that early education in mathematics will help children to love the subject as they grow older. Through toys, children can be taught many basics of mathematics .There are a various types of toy kits available for learning maths in a fun way. Joy Toy has different kits of educational toys in UAE for the same. These kits give hands-on learning experience to kids. Numeracy skills of kids develop considerably through these toys. Children will learn about basics like counting of numbers, identification of different shapes like circle, square etc. They will also learn to sort, point out patterns, colors etc through these numerical toys. Children can learn while they play. Joy Toy has the perfect toys for enhancing the learning activities of your kid. Our numerical kits make learning mathematics a fun and interesting activity. All the items in these kits are safe for kids. They are made of high quality materials and are non-toxic. We do thorough verification of our toys. Our toys also come with manuals and instruction for aiding in the understanding of the toys. Parents or anyone handling the kids can go through these instructions before giving them to children. All our toys are designed fabulously by good educators.

Learning maths is very important as the child grows so why not start teaching your kids today. Our educational toys are developed to make your kids more competent and talented. Our learning and education toys in UAE are the finest in the market. Playing with these can develop not only children’s mathematical skills but also children’s motor skills.

Educational toys for kids: Are they really effective?

Children, at the early stages of their cognitive development, learns many simple concepts while playing or during interactions with others. So even before they start their pre schools, you may have noticed that kids already have learned to analyze things, do reasoning and learn to count, ask questions and differentiate concepts. So how do you think it is developed? Kids play and learn many things. At these crucial times of intellectual and motor development stage, help them to enhance their sense, spark their imagination and improve their social skills. Introducing them with educational & physical activity toys is an effective way to achieve the desired results. Moreover find the desired range of educational toys in UAE at Joy Toy online shop and buy your favorites at affordable prices.

What are the benefits of Educational Toys?

Don’t think that educational toys are for small kids who do not yet started their preschools. Preschoolers and upper primary students can equally use educational activity toys to develop their aptitudes. Moreover these games are fun to relieve their pressure while in the learning process. So we can say educational toys offers fun learning experience for your little ones. Find here in brief, the benefits of using educational toys for children.

• Improves psychomotor development

Educational toys develop sensory-motor skills in children. The brighter and colorful toys enhance the sense of sight in small kids. Crafty and activity toys fine tunes the motor skills in children. These factors better develop children’s personality and communication skills.

• Enhance IQ and problem solving skills

Most of the education toys aid in challenging kids mind. These toys enhance their IQ levels by better memory retention, good coordination and improved literacy. Blocks and puzzles are suitable games for children to focus all their energy and attention to it. Doing such intelligent tasks develops better problem solving skills in children.

• Develops social & emotional intelligence

With educational toys, you can make your child a social being at home. They can do role-plays, understand emotions and develop empathy. Children develop the social values of sharing, caring, bonding, waiting etc. These activities enhance their emotional intelligence also.

• Increased concentration

Educational toys are really interesting so as to make the children focus on the task for a long time. Therefore introducing these fun toys can increase the concentration levels of children which will be good for their academics.

Imparts creativity & imagination

Educational toys impart the ability to think creatively in children. The specially designed toys instill creative imagination in a child and hence you can expect them to create something beautiful out of it.

Joy Toys

The best supplier of Learning and Education toys in UAE

Joy Toys supplies the best educational toys in UAE for children that encourage them to do and learn interesting facts about their creations. Find a range of educational toys in Joy Toy website at affordable prices. View our catalogue and order your favorite toys from Joy Toy. We test and sanitize the products before shipping and do the fastest delivery at your doorstep.